About The Photographer

I have three young children, who are all pretty awesome. We can all say that about our kids, right? I think it’s important to say it out loud. Say it often. And say it with photographs. This is where my passion for photographing children and families comes from.

I was a professional photographer before I became a mom. After getting a degree in fine-art photography, I spent two years as a corporate photographer in Boston, running from job to job then back to the darkroom (yes, I said darkroom not computer!). After that it was off to Michigan to follow love and life, and discover quite by accident the art of wedding photography. I opened JLM Studio weddings in 2004 here in Massachusetts. Three kids later (and with lots of help from my supportive husband!) I run JLM Studio and ChaosLoved photography.

One last thing… I love to meet new people, hear family stories, and absolutely believe in the power of connection through handshakes and shared laughter. Tell me more about your family!

Jessica McHale
B.S. Fine-Art Photography, 2000
PPA & PPO Award winner

These images were taken at one of our favorite places, Scusset Beach. The image of the whole family was taken by me with a remote, tripod, and an insane amount of patience from my husband.